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How Wind Mitigation Inspection Can Help Homeowners Save on Home Insurance in Florida

Wind mitigation insurance is something almost every homeowner living in the coastal areas has heard about, especially homeowners living in Florida. In order to save on home insurance in Florida, you need to consider wind mitigation inspection.

Most homeowners in Florida get wind mitigation inspections to analyze how well prepared their homes are in case they have to live through harsh weather conditions. Home insurance in Florida has resulted in increased costs because a number of insurance agencies went bankrupt over reimbursing claim and reparation costs that began mounting up throughout the tropical season from 2004 to 2006.

What, you may ask, is one way with which you can save on the home insurance in Florida? The answer to that is wind mitigation inspection! Though wind mitigation inspection is not a necessary requirement for claiming home insurance in Florida, it is advisable because in 2006, Florida became the first state to mandate discounts on home insurance costs if a qualified (usually a board-certified contractor, architect or engineer) wind mitigation inspector certifies the home accordingly.

A wind mitigation inspector evaluates the property in a way to that the wind mitigating characteristics (ability to withstand storm damage) of the home in question are enhanced and discussed upon in the report. After the final inspection, recommendations and suggestions for further home improvement are given to the homeowners. When insurance agencies receive this report, they are liable to give a discount on the entire insurance policy claim. Generally, home insurance agents in Florida, such as South East Insurance, offer at least 30% discount on the overall claim, i.e. saving you about $100 to $1000 annually.

Inspection Criteria in for Home Insurance in Florida

The wind-mitigation inspection criterion varies according to the state regulations. In Florida, there are usually eight categories that most inspectors keep in mind:

Roof Covering:
The inspectors looked at the time that had passed since the roof covering was installed and if it passed the building codes of Florida, it was usually approved. The code standards were last updated in 2001 in Florida.

Roof Deck Attachments
Generally, there are two different types of ways roof decking is attached to the underlying structure- nailed or stapled down. The length of the nails used and their spacing will also be noted.

Roof to Wall Attachments
The more secure your roof is, the more chances you have for qualifying for a discount. Using nails or hurricane clips, or double/single wraps are all taken into account by the inspector.

Geometry of the Roof
Usually, a hip roof (shaped like a pyramid) is a better consideration for discounts on home insurance in Florida.

Gable End Bracing
A gable styled roof is checked for bracing according to the Florida Building Code Standards. The gable ends more than 48 inches tall have to be braced for reinforcement.

Wall Construction
The construction materials used in the wall construction are analyzed according to framing reinforcement, outer fascia materials, etc. Plastic sliding and plywood framing are considered lower on the discount scale as compared to steel reinforced concrete homes.

Secondary Water Barrier
If your roof was installed before 2008, then there is a chance that you do not have this feature. This is one of the later additions for roofs and usually a pictorial documentation is required in order to qualify for a discount.

Opening Protection
In this category, inspectors look for the level of hurricane rated protection on windows, doors and shutters. The greater the hurricane rated protection, greater the chances of availing a discount.

Getting a wind-mitigation inspection for discounts on home insurance in Florida needs to be carefully analyzed. You do not want the additional reinforcement costs to outweigh an expensive insurance policy!