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Anyone can become disabled anytime because of the risks that surrounds our lives. For instance an accident can make you completely or partially disabled. This is where the disability insurance comes in to help. Disability insurance is a product designed pay you a good percentage of your income in case you are unable to work due to an illness or sickness ,pregnancy or any other barrier in your body that makes you unable to do your work like you are used to.
The disability insurance may be designed to give long term benefits, short term benefits or can pay for the sick leaves. The disability insurance can cover both the employed and unemployed. One can choose to take their own disability insurance cover even when they are already covered by the employer’s plan if they feel it does not over them the way they want. For those who feel that they only need to be covered for some time i.e. those who feel that they will be exposed to danger for a short time there is also a package for them. Take this cover to at least protect yourself from the inevitable.